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Affordable Smoking Alternatives That Are Smoke Free

If you enjoy traditional smoking but are interested in affordable, smoke free alternatives, then read on. And remember, most smoke free alternatives aren’t nicotine free—they’re just a different way to experience nicotine. Many find these nicotine alternatives to smoking to be more convenient than traditional smoking—here’s why.

Why use nicotine based smoking alternatives?

It’s simple. These smoking alternatives are not only affordable but also smoke free, which means they can be enjoyed in social situations while being considerate to others. And because they’re smoke free, there’s no smoke smell. Let’s take a closer look at a few popular and affordable smoking alternatives.

Three smoking alternatives that won’t break the bank

1. Heated Tobacco

Heated Tobacco is quickly emerging as a modern alternative to traditional smoking. And it’s easy to use—simply insert the tobacco stick into the battery-powered device. Heated Tobacco offers an authentic experience with real tobacco taste—but because the tobacco is heated instead of burned, there is minimal charring, which means no smoke smell, minimal cleaning. and no tar.*

Many enjoy Heated Tobacco because it offers a wider variety of flavours than traditional cigarettes. For example, menthol is not available as a traditional cigarette flavour due to the characterizing flavour ban, but can be enjoyed with Heated Tobacco products.

Heated Tobacco is also smoke free, which makes it easy to use in many situations. With Heated Tobacco, there’s no ash, tar*, or smoke smell. In addition, Heated Tobacco products like Ploom tend to be more cost efficient than traditional smoking—you can even compare the price.

For traditional smokers who choose to explore Heated Tobacco, the transition tends to be easy. After all, the experience feels familiar. If you’re interested in the Heated Tobacco experience, you can explore Ploom with a 21-Day Trial or purchase one of our bundles. It’s also easy to find Ploom at our retail stores as well as many newsagents.

*This does not mean that the use of Ploom is safe or eliminates the health risks associated with tobacco use.

2. Vaping

Another well-known smoking alternative is vaping, which simply means converting nicotine-containing liquid into a vapour that can be inhaled. Vaping devices, often called e-cigarettes, heat the liquid to turn it into vapour without burning it. Vaping feels similar to smoking but produces an aerosol “cloud” of the liquid instead of smoke. Because it’s smoke free, vaping is easy to enjoy in many situations. There are many kinds of vaping devices that all use what’s called an e-liquid—the liquid contained in the refills, which is available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.

A cigalike looks like a cigarette and has an e-liquid tip and small disposable or rechargeable batteries. Pod vapes are smaller devices that use pre-filled e-liquid pods. These types of devices make switching between pods simple and are easy to carry anywhere. Open tank vapes devices allow you to fill the tank with your preferred e-liquid. These devices offer more customisation—like the amount of vapour produced, for example. There are even vaping mods, which are larger and more sophisticated devices that offer even more customisation for experienced vapers.

3. Nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are a smoke free, tobacco-free alternative to traditional smoking. Simply place the pouch under your lip, and the nicotine is absorbed through the gums. Because nicotine pouches are discrete, they can be used anywhere. And they’re hands-free, which makes them convenient. Nicotine pouches are also available in a wide variety of flavours and strengths.

To use a nicotine pouch, simply open the container, take out a pouch, and place it under your lip—generally for up to 60 minutes—for an even delivery of nicotine. While nicotine pouches are a different kind of experience than traditional smoking, many enjoy using them for their convenience.

Which smoke free nicotine alternative is right for me?

There are various alternatives to smoking cigarettes and each offers its own unique experience, so it truly depends on what you’re looking for. At Ploom, we believe Heated Tobacco is an alternative to traditional smoking because it offers an authentic tobacco experience that’s smoke-free, easy to use and available in a variety of flavours. It’s also an affordable smoking alternative. Interested in Ploom? Discover more about the Ploom experience.

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