The beginner’s guide to vaping for adult smokers

For the adult smoker considering switching, vaping terminology can feel complicated when you are familiar with the language that surrounds smoking cigarettes. This beginner’s guide to vaping will give you all the info you need to understand everything from vaping terminology to how to start vaping and from how to vape to how much does it cost to vape.

A short guide to vaping terminology

Like any modern technology, the world of vaping comes with a language all its own and a huge range of products to choose from. If you are wondering about how to start vaping, then it’s good to know that vapes fall into three broad categories:

The classic e-cigarette or e-cig - the smallest and simplest of vapes, designed to be used once and then disposed of.

The pod vape – a device which includes a battery and a replaceable pod for ongoing use.

The box mod – known for its square shape, these are the largest and most powerful vape devices available and are made for more experienced vapers. They come with a refillable tank and often with a choice of power settings.

Whatever style of vape you choose, the prefilled, replaceable, or refillable tank carries a liquid containing ingredients such as vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavouring, and nicotine. The name of the liquid varies from brand to brand, but the most common are e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice – all the same thing, it’s only the name that differs.

The vapour is made in an atomizer that contains the heat source and a wick that carries the vape juice. When you inhale, the vape juice is heated and produces the vape cloud now so familiar with vaping.

By comparison, products like Ploom X, also produce vapour for you to inhale but it uses a modern-style heated tobacco stick. EVO tobacco sticks look familiar and are made from paper, a filter and tobacco. The stick is heated (without ever burning) inside Ploom X’s unique HeatFlow chamber to produce the vapour.

So, what do you need to vape?

You need only to decide which device and e-liquid you think will work best for you.

Before you begin though, it’s helpful to understand that vaping isn’t like smoking a cigarette. Keep in mind that nicotine is added to vape juice and so it comes in a range of strengths. So, depending on the type of smoker you are, you might want to choose your product and your liquid based on a combination of flavour preferences and nicotine strength.

This article, Is Heated Tobacco Vaping, has more information about the differences between these two alternatives to cigarettes.

How much does it cost to vape?

Another thing to think about, is how much does it cost to vape. That’s a short question but comes with a long answer if you were to work out all the possible combinations of vaping device – most of which have parts that need regular replacement – and vape juice that are available.

Like any nicotine product, the cost also depends on your usage too. The Ploom website has a handy cost calculator for its heated tobacco products that you can use to quickly see how much money you might save using Ploom X and EVO tobacco sticks. For example, if you currently pay £10 per packet and smoke 10 cigarettes a day, then you would save more than £1000 per year by swapping your cigarettes for Ploom X and EVO tobacco sticks*.

If you are ready to take a step into the world of heated tobacco, why not take the Ploom Starter Bundle today? 

 *With 20 sticks in a pack, EVO costs less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes. EVO tobacco sticks are £4.50 recommended retail price, assumes £10.20 per pack of 20 cigarettes. Source: IRI Market Place, Weighted Average Price, Total RMC Category, Total UK, YTD to 07/02/21)

Are you 18 or over and a smoker or vaper?

Yes, discover more

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