Is heated tobacco vaping?

The very short answer is “no”, heated tobacco isn’t vaping. That’s not to say that there aren’t some similarities between the two.

Heated tobacco and vaping products were introduced as alternatives to cigarettes

That’s where the similarities end though.

Heated tobacco vs vaping

A heated tobacco product like Ploom X - which uses unique technology to heat real tobacco without burning it - is the first choice for those looking for a modern take on tobacco satisfaction. Not only does Ploom X deliver on authentic tobacco taste, it’s also more considerate of the people around you because there is less of a smoke smell and potentially less risk than smoking cigarettes. *

The design of Ploom X enables you to replicate familiar rituals but with no matches, lighters or ashtrays required. Ploom X works exclusively with EVO heated tobacco sticks. EVO tobacco sticks are crafted from real tobacco, are available in 9 unique flavours, and you can find more information in our blog article, “Introducing Ploom - A Unique Heated Tobacco Technology”. [INSERT LINK TO BLOG ARTICLE “INTRODUCING PLOOM - A UNIQUE HEATED TOBACCO TECHNOLOGY”]

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes, e-cigs or vapes (vaping devices are known by lots of different names) use a liquid which is heated until it creates a vapour. That vapour normally contains nicotine and other flavourings, although neither comes from tobacco – the nicotine is a pharmaceutical product, and the flavours are like those included in food and drinks.

Since the arrival of the first vaping devices, there has been a massive expansion in both the type and number of products on offer. From Mods to Pods and Disposables, these devices combine with hundreds of choices of liquid flavours and the sheer combination of options can sometimes be overwhelming.

It’s true too, that whilst vaping devices are smoke-free, they do still produce the now familiar vapour ‘cloud’ you’re used to seeing – that’s because of the propylene glycol in the vape liquid. This handy blog about vaping terminology will also help answer the question “Is heated tobacco vaping?” [INSERT LINK TO BLOG ARTICLE “BEGINNERS GUIDE TO VAPING”].

Intuitive innovations

The development of heated tobacco products like those created by Ploom has focused on innovating and improving the way real tobacco flavour is enjoyed in the modern world. The very fact that there is no smoke or big clouds of vapour involved is just one reason that they are potentially the more discreet alternative to vaping.

Another reason is size, which as they say, matters. Ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, Ploom X is our smallest heated tobacco device to date. When you are using Ploom X there’s no smoke and no smoke smell, just a subtle aroma of tobacco so you can be confident you are being considerate of those around you – wherever you are, be that on the grocery run, heading to the train station, or working from home.

Another reason Ploom is a great alternative to vaping is because of the expanded range of [EVO] tobacco sticks now available. To meet the demand for more varied flavour options we have created nine unique flavours to choose from.

You can find out more about how Ploom has been at the forefront of innovation in the History of Heated Tobacco blog. [LINK TO BLOG ARTICLE - HISTORY OF HEATED TOBACCO]


* This does not mean that the use of Ploom is safe or eliminates the health risks associated with tobacco use.⁠

*Based on machine-measured data comparing 9 harmful constituents recommended for reduction in cigarette smoke by the WHO measure in smoke of a standard reference cigarette (1R6F) and the vapor from Ploom X.

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