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Champagne coloured Ploom device and carry case being opened by the poolChampagne coloured Ploom device and carry case being opened by the pool

Take a tour of the new heated tobacco sensation

Why is Ploom different from other Heated Tobacco devices?

Packed with innovative tech and created to be simple and intuitive to use, Ploom is one of a kind. Here are just a few reasons why Ploom is the new Heated Tobacco sensation.

Heating Technology that unlocks flavour

You’ll already know that Heated Tobacco devices heat rather than burn the tobacco. Well Ploom’s unique heating technology, HeatFlowTM, goes one step further by heating the stick from the outside. This simple fact makes a big difference. It means there’s minimal charring, no smoke smell, and just a subtle pleasant aroma. With no smoke smell, Ploom is more considerate to those around you. It also makes both cleaning and disposal after use easy because the stick remains intact.
That’s HeatFlowTM – the tech inside Ploom that opens up a whole new world of modern tobacco taste experiences.

Ploom's unique heating element for a smooth tobacco flavourPloom's unique heating element for a smooth tobacco flavour
Sticks containing our unique ActivBlendTM

But HeatFlowTM is nothing without ActivBlendTM – two unique innovations designed to work exclusively together for your pleasure. ActivBlendTM is our proprietary blend packed with quality tobacco and designed specifically for heating. The specially prepared tobacco inside every stick has been expertly crafted for maximum flavour and an enjoyable nicotine sensation. It gives you all the taste and intensity you want from the very first puff. Find out more about our EVO heated tobacco flavours here.

Power for 20 sticks in one charge

Our HeatFlow™ system was created with your tobacco experience in mind. When you insert the tobacco stick, it’s compressed inside the ribbed heat chamber yet still allows air to flow freely. This means efficient, fast and lower-temperature heating that keeps charring to a minimum. As the tobacco is heated and not burnt, there’s no smoke smell so you can enjoy a unique smokeless experience. 

Ploom is intuitive

Ploom is smart. Very smart. Our responsive LED status bar lets you know all about your remaining charge, heating status and when it’s ready to start using. Working together with gentle vibrations, you’ll quickly and easily get to grips with how to use Ploom. And when you’re plugged in, the LED status bar tells you how your charging progress is going. With all this at your fingertips, you can simply relax and enjoy your Heated Tobacco experience.

Easy to use Ploom device in champagne colour ready to vapeEasy to use Ploom device in champagne colour ready to vape
Admire its iconic design

We designed this iconic shape with one purpose – to fit comfortably and naturally in the palm of your hand. When you pick it up and feel it, you’ll notice just how comfortable it is. In fact, you might find your friends who smoke or vape asking you about it wanting to know more about Ploom. It comes in a range of stylish colours, so you’re bound to find one that fits your style.

That’s our quick tour complete, we hope you enjoyed it. Clearly, it’s no substitute for the real thing – trying Ploom yourself. So, if you’d like to know more about our 21-day trial, you can sign-up online or visit one of our stores and chat to an expert.

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