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  • 21-DAY TRIAL
  • Start your trial today – for only £10

  • Complete the form below to begin your 21-Day Trial. Your trial period begins once you’ve received your device. After 21 days, you can choose to keep the device or return it, no questions asked.

  • Start your 21-day trial

How does it work?

Choose your Ploom device and your preferred tobacco EVO Stick flavours. Finally, complete your account registration to begin your 21-Day Trial for only £10.

After the Trial

If you want to keep your Ploom, we’ll process the remaining balance of £19 and the Ploom device is all yours. If you don’t want to keep the Bundle, return it to us and you won’t be charged the remaining balance.

The Ploom 21-Day Trial is only available to new customers. T&Cs apply

What to expect from your 21-day trial?

Once you receive your trial kit, you will receive useful information on how to use and care for your device, as well as expert tips from your own personal Ploom Mentor for the duration of your 21-day trial journey.

Would you like a demo before signing up for the trial? Click here to request a personalised session with one of our dedicated Ploom Mentors.

Start your 21-day trial

What's in your trial kit?

Your Ploom trial kit includes everything you need to get started – one Ploom device, a cleaning set and a USB charger and five packs of Evo tobacco sticks.

Start your 21-day trial
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