Heated tobacco vs Smoking - Which is more affordable?

Whatever your preferred nicotine experience – cigarettes, Heated Tobacco, or vaping, it’s useful to take a step back and look at the cost that comes from adopting the latest technology.

Looking for a lower-cost alternative to smoking is just one reason for making the move to a Heated Tobacco device, like Ploom. There are others too, of course, including no smoke and no smoke smell as well as the variety of flavours available for Heated Tobacco products. But many wonder if there are cost savings with Heated Tobacco vs smoking. The short answer is: yes.

How much could you save?

If you’re curious about your potential Heated Tobacco price savings, use our cost comparison tool below. Simply enter how much you pay for a pack of cigarettes and how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

Heated Tobacco price guide

For a quick look at how Heated Tobacco compares to smoking in terms of cost, take a look at the table below which compares the cost of EVO tobacco sticks vs traditional cigarettes. 
*Potential saving includes the cost of a Ploom device. Calculation compares the average cost of smoking 20 cigarettes and 20 EVO tobacco sticks per day. With 20 sticks in a pack and a recommended retail price of £4.50, EVO costs less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes. The current average selling price of a pack of 20 king size cigarettes is £15.12 (ONS data December 2023).

The benefits of Heated Tobacco vs Smoking

While a lower cost may be a benefit of using Heated Tobacco, that’s not the only reason so many enjoy it. With Heated Tobacco, the tobacco is heated instead of burned, which means there’s minimal charring, no smoke or smoke smell, no ash, and no tar.*** Simply put, Heated Tobacco is easy to use in many situations. Heated Tobacco also offers a wide variety of flavours. With Ploom, for example, you can choose from twelve unique flavours.

Ready to try Heated Tobacco?

If you’d like to explore Heated Tobacco, you can pick up the Ploom Starter Bundle, which includes everything you need to begin your Ploom journey. And remember, we’re always here if you have questions along the way. Simply reach out to our Ploom Care Team and we’ll be happy to help.


***This does not mean that the use of Ploom is safe or eliminates the health risks associated with tobacco use.

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