What is Heated Tobacco?

So, what really is Heated Tobacco and why should I use it?

Heated Tobacco is quite simply real tobacco that is heated rather than burned. This has many benefits:

  •  There is no smoke or smoke smell, which makes it easy to enjoy in many situations.
  • It has a familiar taste as heated tobacco is still real tobacco made from tobacco leaves.
  • There is reduced risk potential. For example, with our Ploom X Advanced heated tobacco device, we believe it has a strong potential to be a reduced risk product.
  • Our Heated Tobacco product Ploom X Advanced has a 90-95% reduction in the levels of 9 constituents recommended by the World Health Organization for reduction in cigarette smoke *
  • Charring is kept to a minimum and there is no tar.
  •  There is minimal cleaning to do as there is no ash.

Overall, the smoking experience is much more convenient than traditional smoking.

Is Heated Tobacco safer than smoking?

No tobacco product is safe. Devices such as our Ploom X Advanced do not eliminate health or addiction risks associated with tobacco use.

What is the difference between tobacco and Heated Tobacco?

Both the tobacco in traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco is real tobacco made from tobacco leaves, which means heated tobacco offers a familiar taste experience. However, heated tobacco is heated — not burned. Because the tobacco isn’t ignited, charring is kept to a minimum and there is no tar. And because heated tobacco doesn’t create smoke or a smoke smell, you’re free to enjoy the experience in many different places and social situations — while being considerate of others.

What are Heated Tobacco products and Tobacco Vaporizers?

Heated Tobacco products, sometimes also called tobacco vaporizers, contain real tobacco designed for use in a heated tobacco device. These battery-powered devices heat real tobacco rather than burning it, which means there’s minimal charring — for an authentic tobacco taste experience with minimal cleaning. Heated Tobacco tends to be available in a variety of flavours that vary by intensity and taste.

Our main device is the Ploom X Advanced.

What’s the difference between heated tobacco and vaping?

The main difference is that heated tobacco devices like Ploom X Advanced use real tobacco; e-cigs and vape devices use e-liquid. E-liquid may contain nicotine or even be tobacco-flavoured but it does not contain actual tobacco.

With heated tobacco devices like the Ploom X Advanced, you can enjoy full tobacco flavour from the very first puff, so there’s no waiting around for flavour intensity to arrive.

How does Heated Tobacco technology work?

Heated Tobacco technology makes the experience truly convenient. With many devices, you simply insert the tobacco stick into the device. The Ploom device, for example, is easy to use right out of the box. Simply charge the device and insert the EVO tobacco stick in your desired flavour before beginning your Ploom experience.

Many Heated Tobacco devices offer the added convenience of lights and vibrations to let you know when the device is charged and ready to begin your session. Lights and vibrations are also used to indicate when you switch between different modes and experiences or when your session is ending. Ploom, for example, has smart technology that makes it easy and intuitive to use from start to finish — and when your Ploom session ends, you simply discard the tobacco stick once cooled and your device is ready to use again.

What Heated Tobacco flavours are available today?

If you’re curious about different heated tobacco flavour experiences, there are many options to choose from. EVO tobacco sticks, for example, are designed exclusively for Ploom and available in twelve unique flavours. Bronze, Tan, Amber and Gold offer a true tobacco taste, ranging from balanced and well-rounded to smoother and more delicate. Cobalt offers an intense menthol flavoured tobacco with delicate and zesty mint notes. Green is classic tobacco infused with crisp menthol for a cooling taste sensation. Azure offers a subtle menthol flavour with creamy undertones of tobacco and mint. Green Option, Purple Option and Baize Option offer a flavoured capsule designed to release even more flavour. Baize Option is a well-balanced smooth tobacco flavour with a subtle mint infusion. Ruby and Magenta combine unique flavour with a long lasting cooling mouth sensation. Simply choose your desired flavour — or discover all of them.

What is HeatFlow™ technology?

Our HeatFlow™ system was created with your tobacco experience in mind. When you insert the tobacco stick, it’s compressed inside the ribbed heat chamber yet still allows air to flow freely. This means efficient, fast and lower-temperature heating that keeps charring to a minimum. As the tobacco is heated and not burnt, there’s no smoke smell so you can enjoy a unique smokeless experience. 

What is ActivBlend™ tobacco?

Our ActivBlend™ tobacco is optimised for heating tobacco instead of burning it and that features two cuts of quality tobacco: microground and fine-cut. The two cuts provide more surface area to heat, giving you a nicotine release similar to traditional cigarettes and the ultimate heated tobacco taste experience.

Where should I start with Heated Tobacco?

There’s a simple rule of thumb – your first Heated Tobacco flavour should mirror your current choice of cigarettes or vape flavour. So, if you smoke or vape and smoke, we’d recommend this route to start with.

If you usually opt for a regular cigarette or vape tobacco-flavoured liquids, you’ll probably enjoy our EVO Bronze or EVO Tan for a true tobacco taste. Alternatively if you prefer a more balanced or a smoother tobacco taste, you'll enjoy our EVO Amber and EVO Gold flavour. If your preference has been menthol-flavoured cigarettes, you may like our EVO CobaltEVO Green sticks or EVO Azure for more cooling sensation and taste intensity.

What about more unique flavours? EVO Green OptionBaize Option and EVO Purple Option feature a capsule designed to release even more flavour. Then there's EVO Magenta for a delicate grape and mint flavour and EVO Ruby for a pleasant apple and mint flavour, both of which offer a long lasting cooling mouth sensation.

Are you 18 or over and a smoker or vaper?

Yes, discover more

Our sticks, for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk free and are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

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