The Ploom Promise

Register your Ploom device to unlock the Ploom Promise.


What is the Ploom Promise?

The Ploom Promise applies to all newly purchased devices that have been registered at To ensure that you have the best possible experience with Ploom, we offer customers who register their new Ploom device a 12-month warranty and accidental device damage cover. The Ploom Promise applies to all newly purchased devices that have been registered at .


How do I qualify for the Ploom Promise?

You need to register your new device by logging into your account and registering here. Simply select your device colour and enter your device serial number (found on the device leaflet) and you’re set. It’s as easy as that.


How does the Ploom Promise work?

The Ploom Promise covers faults during normal use, this means that if your Ploom device develops a fault during the 12-month period we will arrange for it to be replaced free of charge. We will also cover accidental damage that affects the functionality of your device. You will need to contact the Ploom Care Team using the Contact Us Form or phone (0800 876 6594) for instructions on how to return the device. 


What does the Ploom Promise apply to?

The Ploom Promise is only valid for newly purchased Ploom devices registered to your account. The Ploom Promise does not cover EVO tobacco sticks, accessories (such as cases, chargers and docking stations) or second-hand devices. It also does not cover misuse of the device, loss or theft. You are limited to one replacement for accidental damage and/or fault per device registered. If you receive a replacement device, your 12-month warranty renews for the replacement device.

Read the full T&Cs for the Ploom Promise here.

Are you 18 or over and a smoker or vaper?

Yes, discover more

Our sticks, for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk free and are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

For more information please visit the Terms of Use page.