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Heated Tobacco: Everything You Need To KnowHeated Tobacco: Everything You Need To Know
Heated Tobacco: Everything you need to know

You may have noticed the trend. Heated tobacco is quickly emerging as a modern alternative to traditional smoking. After all, heated tobacco offers an authentic and convenient tobacco experience — without the smoke or smoke smell, which makes it easy to enjoy in many situations.

Introducing our new and improved EVO heated tobacco sticks

The new EVO Heated Tobacco sticks will be available to buy online beginning 18th October. They contain subtle innovations that deliver an even fuller and authentic tobacco taste. To enhance the experience, we optimised our unique ActivBlend tobacco. The sticks use premium quality tobacco prepared in a way that locks in even more flavour. 

Complimentary experiences for Ploom customers at the Argyll Street Ploom Lounge

This Autumn, you can stop by the Argyll Street Ploom Lounge for hair styling, coworking, or just to relax and socialise with other Ploom customers. All Ploom customers are invited, and you’re welcome to bring adult smoker friends who are interested in learning more about Ploom too.

Experience Ploom’s Lounges and Pop-ups

Whether you are new to the Ploom experience or want to learn more about what Ploom has to offer, you’ll discover what makes Ploom the new heated tobacco sensation with a visit to our local lounges and pop-ups. You will have the opportunity to browse the range of Ploom devices and accessories in person at our local stores.

Meet the Ploom teamMeet the Ploom team
Meet the Ploom team

In life, it’s always best to have a helping hand to guide you when you’re trying anything new. Here at Ploom, we took that idea literally. So, not only will you get all the usual online help you’d expect, but you’ll also get a real person to help you discover Ploom’s unique modern world of Heated Tobacco.

Try Ploom without leaving homeTry Ploom without leaving home
Try Ploom without leaving home

For smokers and dualists, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to try Ploom. So, if you can’t get to one of our stores, we’ve got the next best thing. You can start discovering the new world of Heated Tobacco from the comfort of your own home.

Get a feeling for flavourGet a feeling for flavour
Get a feeling for flavour

If you’re new to Heated Tobacco, you’re probably wondering what Heated Tobacco flavours suit your taste. Let us walk you through three simple ways to discover the flavour that’s right for you.

Take a tour of the new heated tobacco sensationTake a tour of the new heated tobacco sensation
Take a tour of the new heated tobacco sensation

Why is Ploom different from other Heated Tobacco devices?
Packed with innovative tech and created to be simple and intuitive to use, Ploom is one of a kind. You’ll already know that Heated Tobacco devices heat rather than burn the tobacco. Well Ploom’s unique heating technology, HeatFlowTM, goes one step further by heating the stick from the outside. 

Is heated tobacco for me?Is heated tobacco for me?
Is heated tobacco for me?

“As a smoker, I tried vaping. But there was always something missing.”
We’ve heard this a lot. And that’s part of the reason we designed Ploom the way we did. Firstly, Heated Tobacco is very different. It’s a modern way to enjoy tobacco. So, it’s not like smoking as there is no smoke or smoke smell. And it’s certainly not like vaping due to its authentic tobacco taste.

Discover Ploom's Unique FlavoursDiscover Ploom's Unique Flavours
Discover Ploom's unique flavours

At Ploom, we’re all about that authentic tobacco flavour. Your moment of tobacco pleasure is our priority – which is why we designed Ploom S to be the ultimate smokeless heated tobacco device. The Ploom experience is truly unique because we combine innovative technology with modern design and tobacco flavour intensity.

New Ploom device, an alternative to smokingNew Ploom device, an alternative to smoking
The new smoking alternative

Have you been looking for the preferred tobacco alternative to smoking? If so, you’re not alone! More and more adult smokers around the world are switching from cigarettes to a smokeless product. They want a considerate way to enjoy their moment of tobacco pleasure and this is where Ploom comes in, offering a truly unique taste experience. 

Ploom device designed for the modern lifestylePloom device designed for the modern lifestyle
Ploom: Designed for the modern lifestyle

Whatever you’re up to during the day, be that working from home, running errands, or meeting up with close friends for a quick drink, we understand that your moments of tobacco pleasure need to fit in easily with your busy lifestyle.

Ploom heated tobacco, 5 things to knowPloom heated tobacco, 5 things to know
Heated tobacco: Top 5 things to know

If you’re a new user of heated tobacco products or thinking of switching from conventional cigarettes to a smokeless experience, you’re bound to have some questions. So, we’ve put together the Top 5 things to know before embarking on your new taste experience.