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Heated Tobacco: Everything You Need to Know

You may have noticed the trend. Heated tobacco is quickly emerging as a modern alternative to traditional smoking. After all, heated tobacco offers an authentic and convenient tobacco experience — without the smoke or smoke smell, which makes it easy to enjoy in many situations. If you’re not familiar with heated tobacco technology or simply have questions, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions about heated tobacco.

What are heated tobacco products?

It’s simple. Heated tobacco products are real tobacco designed for use in a heated tobacco device. These battery-powered devices heat real tobacco rather than burning it, which means there’s minimal charring — for an authentic tobacco taste experience with minimal cleaning. Heated tobacco tends to be available in a variety of flavours that vary by intensity and taste.

What heated tobacco flavours are available today? 

If you’re curious about different heated tobacco flavour experiences, there are many options to choose from. EVO tobacco sticks, for example, are designed exclusively for Ploom and available in eight unique flavours. Bronze and Amber offer a true tobacco taste. Green is classic tobacco infused with crisp menthol for a cooling taste sensation. Purple is classic tobacco infused with berry and menthol for a cooling sensation with fruity aromatic notes. Green Option and Purple Option offer a flavoured capsule designed to release even more flavour. And Magenta and Ruby combine unique flavour with a long lasting cooling mouth sensation. Simply choose your desired flavour — or discover all of them.

How does heated tobacco technology work?

Heated tobacco technology makes the experience truly convenient. With many devices, you simply insert the tobacco stick into the device. The Ploom device, for example, is easy to use right out of the box. Simply charge the device and insert the EVO tobacco stick in your desired flavour before beginning your Ploom experience.

Many heated tobacco devices offer the added convenience of lights and vibrations to let you know when the device is charged and ready to begin your session. Lights and vibrations are also used to indicate when you switch between different modes and experiences or when your session is ending. Ploom, for example, has smart technology that makes it easy and intuitive to use from start to finish — and when your Ploom session ends, you simply discard the tobacco stick once cooled and your device is ready to use again.

Now that you’ve discovered the basics of how heated tobacco technology works, you might be wondering if heated tobacco is right for you.

Why use heated tobacco?

If you’re just getting to know heated tobacco products, you may have one simple question: “What’s the difference between tobacco and heated tobacco?” To answer that question, it’s helpful to explore how heated tobacco is used.

Both the tobacco in traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco is real tobacco made from tobacco leaves, which means heated tobacco offers a familiar taste experience. However, heated tobacco is heated — not burned. Because the tobacco isn’t ignited, charring is kept to a minimum and there is no tar. And because heated tobacco doesn’t create smoke or a smoke smell, you’re free to enjoy the experience in many different places and social situations — while being considerate of others.

Ready to explore the heated tobacco experience?

If you’re an adult smoker who enjoys the heated tobacco experience or would simply like to discover more about it, we invite you to start a 21 day trial. You can also stop by our Ploom lounges or pop-up stores, where you can explore our devices and EVO tobacco flavour profiles, see product demonstrations, try Ploom, and meet with one of our Mentors for a more personalised introduction to Ploom. With Ploom, there’s a whole world of experiences to explore — and we’ll help you discover them.

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