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Is heated tobacco for me? Woman tries a Ploom tobacco heating unit Is heated tobacco for me? Woman tries a Ploom tobacco heating unit

Is heated tobacco for me?

“As a smoker, I tried vaping. But there was always something missing.”

We’ve heard this a lot. And that’s part of the reason we designed Ploom the way we did. Firstly, Heated Tobacco is very different. It’s a modern way to enjoy tobacco. So, it’s not like smoking as there is no smoke or smoke smell. And it’s certainly not like vaping due to its authentic tobacco taste.

You’re probably aware of our innovative tech by now: it heats the tobacco instead of burning it, but we’ve also kept those parts of the familiar ritual that you most appreciate – the sticks, filter, the draw and the authentic taste of real tobacco.

And the things you definitely don’t miss? They’re gone. There’s no smoke smell, because there’s no burning. And because we heat the sticks from the outside, there’s no ash, so there’s minimal cleaning to do. With Ploom, you just get a pleasant aroma as it heats. Also, it’s less intrusive to others because there is no smoke smell, so you can use Ploom without inconveniencing others.

“What I do like about vaping is all the flavours”

What’s life without a little flavour? Pretty dull, we think, so unique flavour is what we’re all about. But let’s talk taste first. When smokers switch from smoking cigarettes, they still want that authentic taste of real tobacco. So that’s what you’ll get. Inside every one of our sticks there’s our unique ActivBlendTM designed exclusively for Ploom, ensuring we deliver on taste.

When it comes to flavours, we’ve got tobacco taste covered with EVO Bronze and Amber. If you enjoy the freshness of menthol cigarettes, EVO Green is a similar flavour experience, while EVO Purple combines a cooling menthol flavour with the fruitiness of berry. EVO Green Option and Purple Option feature a capsule designed to release even more flavour. Then there's EVO Magenta for a delicate grape and mint flavour — and EVO Ruby for a pleasant apple and mint flavour.

Man using a Ploom heated tobacco device indoors Man using a Ploom heated tobacco device indoors
“I was used to carrying just cigarettes and a lighter”

Don’t worry, there’s no need to fill pockets or purses with extra gear. Ploom is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand. The device is smaller than a pack of cigarettes and our sticks are super compact. That’s a win-win! With a charge that lasts up to 20 sticks, it’s perfect for when you’re out and about. And you’re never far from a USB-C cable these days, in case you need a quick charge.

“I’ve not tried it before, how will I know if I like it?”

It’s a fair question and you’re not the only smoker who thinks it. That’s why we’ve devised a way for you to try Ploom for 21 days for only £10. Take your time to get to know Ploom. Just follow this link to get your 21-Day Trial online or pop into one of our Ploom stores to speak to experts. You’ll even get your own dedicated Mentor to talk you through your trial. If you find it’s not your thing, just send it back to us. There’s no commitment.

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