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Meet the Ploom team

Let our Mentors help you discover Ploom

In life, it’s always best to have a helping hand to guide you when you’re trying anything new. Here at Ploom, we took that idea literally. So, not only will you get all the usual online help you’d expect, but you’ll also get a real person to help you discover Ploom’s unique modern world of Heated Tobacco.

We know that sometimes there’s just no substitute for a friendly face (or voice). So, without further ado, meet our Mentors. They’re here to help.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

The main difference is that heated tobacco devices like Ploom S use real tobacco; e-cigs and vapes don’t. Instead, they use e-liquid, which may contain nicotine or even be tobacco-flavoured but doesn’t contain actual tobacco.

With Ploom, you can enjoy full tobacco flavour from the very first puff, so there’s no waiting around for flavour intensity to arrive.

Getting in touch is as easy as using Ploom

We’re happy to connect in whatever way suits you.  Let your thumbs do the work by sending us a message and our mentors will get in touch with you in whichever way you prefer.

And of course, if you prefer face-to-face conversations, we’ve got that covered too. As we’re all getting more familiar with video calls these days, we’ve found our virtual one-on-one sessions are incredibly popular, especially before or during your 21-Day Trial. Better yet, if you’ve got a Ploom store nearby, you can meet one of our team in person and get your very own tutorial while you’re there.

So, whether you are at home or out-and-about, you’re never far away from us. Whatever you need to know, we’re here to help you. Follow the link to see all the ways you can get in touch. We’re already looking forward to hearing from you.

 Want to know more? Why not take a tour of the new heated tobacco sensation and discover why Ploom is different from other Heated Tobacco devices?

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