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Black Ploom heated tobacco device, a new alternative Black Ploom heated tobacco device, a new alternative

Ploom: The new smoking alternative 

Have you been looking for the preferred tobacco alternative to smoking? If so, you’re not alone! More and more adult smokers around the world are switching from cigarettes to a smokeless product. They want a considerate way to enjoy their moment of tobacco pleasure and this is where Ploom comes in, offering a truly unique taste experience.

What is heated tobacco?

Heated tobacco is an innovative new way to enjoy tobacco flavour while also being a smokeless product. Since the tobacco isn’t burned, there’s no combustion, smoke and no smoke smell in the air or on you. This makes heated tobacco a far more convenient choice, as you can enjoy it in different places* and because there is no smoke smell, it’s more considerate to those around you. Ploom’s innovative HeatFlow™ system delivers precision engineering for new taste experiences by heating tobacco instead of burning it. Because the tobacco is not in direct contact with the heating element, there’s minimal charring of the stick so only minimal cleaning is needed. Want to know more about the Ploom smokeless tobacco experience? Read our Top 5 things to know!

*The ban on smoking in indoor public places does not apply to heated tobacco products which heat tobacco as opposed to burning it. Privately-owned venues may however have their own policies, so it is best to check before using Ploom.

What is the difference between Ploom heated tobacco technology and e-cigarettes? 

If you’ve previously used e-cigarettes, (also known as e-cigs, vapes, and vape pens), you’ll know that they work by heating a liquid (aka e-liquid, vape liquid, or vape juice). E-liquids can contain nicotine but do not contain real tobacco, whereas Ploom’s innovative heated tobacco technology heats real tobacco sticks, offering an authentic and long-lasting taste experience.

Ploom was designed to offer the convenience of a smokeless product combined with genuine tobacco flavour. Experience a new world of tobacco taste experiences with our unique ActivBlend™ inside our EVO tobacco sticks. You can choose from eight distinctive flavours and enjoy different levels of intensity to match your taste.

Exclusively designed for Ploom S, ActivBlendTM features two cuts of quality tobacco: microground and fine-cut. Learn more about our ActivBlendTM flavours on our blog.

What makes Ploom unique? ​

As the new heated tobacco sensation, Ploom is an easy, hassle-free introduction to heated tobacco taste experiences. It’s truly unique on many levels and you’ll be amazed at how easily this smoking alternative fits into your modern lifestyle.

Champagne Ploom device, unique sensations Champagne Ploom device, unique sensations

Unique design
Ploom’s unique design stands out from the crowd. It comes in three stylish colours with sleek accessories to match.

Unique power
1 charge, up to 20 sticks. There’s no unnecessary waiting around with Ploom.

Unique intensity
Innovative HeatFlow™ technology that heats the tobacco from the outside. Enjoy the fullest taste from the start thanks to instant power and taste delivery.

Unique feel
Our premium design has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Unique pleasure
An authentic tobacco taste due to eight unique ActivBlendTM tobacco flavours. Ploom is smokeless, so there’s no smoke smell, just a pleasant aroma.

Unique control
Our smart communications system has instant LED notifications and smart vibrations. Its easy communication makes charging and using Ploom S a breeze.


Want to know more?

Visit What is Ploom? or read our blog post on Ploom’s unique flavours. If you’re ready to buy now, visit our online shop where you can select your preferred Ploom S device and customise the accessories to reflect your personal style.

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