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At Ploom, we’re all about that authentic tobacco flavour. Your moment of tobacco pleasure is our priority – which is why we designed Ploom X Advanced. The Ploom experience is truly unique because we combine innovative technology with modern design and tobacco flavour intensity. Read on to find out how we’re shaping the future of heated tobacco with our unique blend and twelve exclusive flavours.

The innovative EVO ActivBlend™ inside our tobacco sticks opens up a new world of taste experiences. Exclusively created for Ploom, ActivBlend™ features two cuts of quality tobacco: microground and fine-cut. This means there’s more surface area to heat for you to enjoy a unique tobacco taste.


Twelve unique flavours for Ploom

We created twelve flavours for your ultimate heated tobacco experience. EVO Bronze, Tan, Amber, and Gold are classic tobacco flavours, while Cobalt, Green, and Azure are mentholated flavours in varying degrees of mint intensity for a more cooling taste sensation. EVO Green Option and Purple Option offer a flavoured capsule for even more flavour. And then there's  Baize Option, Ruby and Magenta, which combine unique flavour with a long-lasting cooling mouth sensation. 

There is a ban on cigarettes with a characterising flavour in the UK and EU, which has prohibited cigarettes with a menthol flavour. Heated tobacco products are exempt from the ban and our menthol flavours are designed for those who prefer fresh, menthol tastes mixed with tobacco.

EVO Bronze
An intense and full flavoured tobacco with a robust taste and toasted undertones.

Well balanced and rounded tobacco with flavour undertones of coffee and caramel.

EVO Amber
A well-balanced and smooth tobacco with complex flavour undertones.

EVO Gold
Smooth and subtle tobacco taste with aromatic undertones of wood and tea.

EVO Cobalt
An intense menthol flavoured tobacco with delicate and zesty mint notes.

EVO Green
Classic tobacco infused with cooling menthol for a refreshing sensation.

EVO Azure
A subtle menthol flavour with smooth tobacco, mint & creamy undertones.

EVO Ruby
Classic tobacco infused with a crisp apple and mint flavour for a fruity and cooling sensation.

EVO Magenta
A delicate grape and mint flavour with berry and floral aromatic notes and a long-lasting cooling mouth sensation.

EVO Green Option
Well-balanced and smooth tobacco with a subtle mint infusion. Crushing the capsule releases a refreshing peppermint taste sensation.

EVO Purple Option
Well-balanced and smooth tobacco with a subtle mint infusion. Crushing the capsule releases a fruity berry taste sensation.

EVO Baize Option
A well-balanced and smooth tobacco flavour with a subtle mint infusion. Crushing the capsule releases an aromatic pear taste sensation.


​All our flavours are available to buy online and in stores near you – check the store locator on our website.


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