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Ploom X Advanced Wins "Product of the Year" in Heated Tobacco Category

Each year, the Product of the Year Awards showcase consumer products pioneering in their chosen field, featuring only the most innovative new launches. An esteemed panel of industry experts consult on the shortlist with all winners chosen by a panel of 8,000 UK consumers (the largest survey of product innovation in the UK).

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Ploom X Advanced’s win as Product of the Year in the Heated Tobacco category, as voted for by consumers.

The Award-Winning Innovation Behind Ploom

Heated Tobacco products, such as Ploom, have become increasingly popular in recent years as people have sought to find alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Ploom works by allowing air to flow freely through the tobacco stick chamber, so that the tobacco is gently heated at the ideal temperature without burning or charring.

By heating the tobacco rather than burning it like a traditional cigarette, Ploom devices provide an authentic tobacco experience free from smoke smell without ever compromising on the taste sensation or satisfaction.  

Sleek, stylish, and intelligently designed, Ploom X Advanced is the latest in our range of innovative heated tobacco products. Its IntuiTouch technology ensures a user-friendly, button-free experience.

The new and improved LED feature tells you when your device needs charging, the heating status of your session, and when your session will start and finish. And with a longer battery life, lightweight design, and ergonomic palm shape, Ploom X Advanced is the perfect device for enjoying full tobacco satisfaction on the go.

Ploom X Advanced is available in a range of colours and accompanying accessories, making it easier than ever to customise your Ploom experience to suit you.  

What makes Ploom taste so great - EVO Tobacco Sticks

Whilst all heated tobacco devices require some kind of tobacco stick, Ploom exclusively uses EVO tobacco sticks designed specifically for our devices.

EVO tobacco sticks contain a unique blend of quality tobacco, called ActivBlend™. This heated tobacco blend contains two types of tobacco - micro ground and fine-cut – prepared in such a way to increase the tobacco surface area for the most effective release of flavour and superior taste experience.

Ploom offers EVO tobacco sticks in a wide selection of flavours to suit all taste preferences.

For rich tobacco taste sensations, Bronze, Tan, Amber, and Gold offer an authentic tobacco taste, ranging from balanced and well-rounded to smoother and more delicate.

New cooling experiences are available across our menthol flavour range, Cobalt offers an intense menthol flavoured tobacco with delicate and zesty mint notes. Green is classic tobacco infused with crisp menthol for a cooling taste sensation. Azure offers a subtle menthol flavour with creamy undertones of tobacco and mint.

For fruity flavour experiences, Green Option, Purple Option and Baize Option offer lightly mentholated tobacco with flavoured capsules (Peppermint, Berry or Pear)  inside the tobacco stick, which can be crushed to release a burst of even more flavour. Ruby and Magenta provide unique Apple and Grape flavours respectively with a long-lasting cooling mouth sensation.

Advantages of Heated Tobacco

Heated tobacco poses many benefits to those looking to try an alternative to traditional cigarettes, rolling tobacco or cigars, whilst still enjoying authentic tobacco taste as heated tobacco is still real tobacco made from tobacco leaves.

Ploom X Advanced is our latest heated tobacco product which we believe has strong potential to be a reduced-risk product compared to smoking cigarettes. Ploom X Advanced has, on average, a 90-95% reduction in the levels of the 9 constituents recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for reduction in cigarette smoke.


*Based on available machine-measured data comparing 9 harmful constituents recommended for reduction in cigarette smoke by the WHO measured in smoke of a standard reference cigarette (1R6F) and the vapour from Ploom X Advanced.

For many, a great benefit of heated tobacco is the wide range of flavours you can buy. With Ploom, you can discover twelve unique flavours of our EVO tobacco sticks, ranging from classic tobacco flavours, refreshing fruity flavours, to cooling mentholated flavours.

Finally, heated tobacco devices can often serve as a lower cost alternative to traditional cigarettes. More specifically, you can save up to £4,000 a year* when you choose Ploom, with a 20-pack of EVO sticks costing a third of the average price of a pack of cigarettes.

*Potential saving includes the cost of a Ploom device. Calculation compares the average cost of smoking 20 cigarettes and consuming 20 EVO tobacco sticks per day. With 20 sticks in a pack and a recommended retail price of £4.50, EVO costs a third of the price of a pack of cigarettes. The current average selling price of a pack of 20 king size cigarettes is £15.66 (ONS data March 2024).

Ploom X Advanced - The Winning Choice

Ultimately, Ploom X Advanced offers a smoother, and more convenient heated tobacco experience. Our heated tobacco can be enjoyed on the go, in a wide selection of flavours, and with less cleaning and maintenance needs than other smoking alternatives.

Want to try out the award-winning Ploom X Advanced? Head to our online shop where you’ll find Ploom X Advanced in a range of colours.

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