Everything you need to know to use Ploom

Ploom makes the heated tobacco experience easy. Discover all you need to know to use and maintain your Ploom device.

Getting started with Ploom

Ready to start your first session? Simply open the sliding cover and insert an EVO tobacco stick with the filter facing up and the ventilation holes aligned with the top of the device. To start the heating up process, press and hold the button until you feel the vibration feedback. Release the button after the first vibration for Standard heating, or after the second vibration for Intense heating.

The LED display shows you the heating progress. When all LEDs are lit and the device vibrates again, the device is ready to use. When the heating cycle is almost finished, the device will give a short vibration. When the session is complete, the device will give a long vibration and the LEDs will extinguish. 

Registering your Ploom device

Register your device—and if you encounter any issues, we’ll swifty repair or replace it. Simply log in to your account and visit your account dashboard. Then select ‘My Devices’, click ‘Register a new device’, and follow the instructions.

Having trouble registering your device? Our Customer Care Team is here to help if you need assistance.

Quick fact

You’ll enjoy £10 off your next purchase when you register your device


Selecting a heating mode

With Ploom, you can customise your experience with two heating modes: Standard and Intense.

●       To begin your session quickly, choose Standard mode and the device will heat up in about 20 seconds. Simply insert an EVO tobacco stick and press and hold the button until you feel the first vibration feedback.

●       To enjoy full intensity of taste and aroma, choose Intense mode and the device will heat up in about 50 seconds. Simply insert an EVO tobacco stick and press and hold the button until you feel the second vibration feedback.

In both heating modes, the LED display shows the heat up progress—when all LEDs are lit and the device vibrates again, the device is ready to use.

Charging your Ploom device

It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge an empty battery with the Ploom AC adaptor. The LED display shows the charging progress, with a fully lit LED indicating that the device is almost fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED display will turn off.

Troubleshooting tips

●       Be sure the USB connector is connected properly. If necessary, try a different Ploom USB Type C charger/cable.

●       If the Ploom device still fails to charge, reset it using the instructions in the ‘resetting your device’ section below. Once the reset is confirmed by vibration and the LED display, try again.

If the temperature is >35C or <0C, the device will not charge. Move to a cooler or warmer place and allow the device to acclimatise before charging.

Quick fact

There’s power for 20 tobacco sticks in just one charge

Resetting your device

To reset your device to factory settings, close the sliding cover, press the button 5 times and then hold down for 5 seconds. When the device has been reset, it vibrates and all LEDs blink repeatedly.

Troubleshooting tips

●       If the LED lights show a flashing exclamation mark, the device has encountered a technical issue and should be reset.

●       If the issue persists, contact the Ploom Customer Care Team.

Choosing compatible tobacco sticks

Ploom is designed to be used exclusively with EVO tobacco sticks. EVO’s ActivBlend™ tobacco features two cuts of quality tobacco—microground and fine-cut. The two cuts provide more surface area to heat, giving you the ultimate heated tobacco taste experience. EVO tobacco sticks are available in eight flavours: Bronze, Amber, Green, Purple, Ruby, Magenta, Green Option and Purple Option.

Replacing the tobacco stick

A tobacco stick can only be used for one session. When the session is complete, the device will deactivate, signalled by a long vibration and the LED extinguishing. Remove the used tobacco stick with care as it may be hot immediately after use. Put it in a stick tray to cool down before discarding it. Do not reuse a used tobacco stick.

Troubleshooting tip

●       If you need to remove a broken tobacco stick or have any other issue replacing the tobacco stick, our Customer Care Team is happy to help.

Quick fact

The Ploom device is smokeless

Our proprietary HeatFlow™ system heats the tobacco stick from the outside for minimal charring and no smoke or smoke smell.

Cleaning your device

We recommend checking your device for residue after each pack of EVO tobacco sticks. Cleaning your device regularly helps you maintain the best possible taste experience. Simply:

●       Insert the Ploom cleaning tool and give it a couple turns.

Follow up with a commercially available soft, non-abrasive cleaning tool such as pipe cleaners to remove any leftover residue. 

Have a question? We’re here to help

We want your Ploom experience to be the best it can be. So if you have questions or an issue with your device, we’re always happy to help. Just reach out to our Customer Care Team

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Our sticks, for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk free and are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

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