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Ploom is the new sensation due to its proprietary HeatFlow™ technology. Inside Ploom there’s a Ribbed Heat Chamber that heats the stick from the outside for minimal charring. This means you get a heated tobacco experience with no smoke smell and minimal cleaning. The device is easy to use and intuitive, with two different heating modes so you can customize your taste experience. All this plus a sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand and a powerful battery so you can enjoy up to 20 sticks on a single charge.

Ploom S

Matte Black

Ploom S Device Matte BlackPloom S Device Matte Black
Ploom S

Soft Champagne

Ploom S Device ChampagnePloom S Device Champagne
Ploom S

Steel Silver

Ploom S Device Steel SilverPloom S Device Steel Silver
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  1. Ploom S Steel Silver Device
    Ploom S Steel Silver

    Our unique Ploom device in Steel Silver.

  2. Ploom S Matte Black Device
    Ploom S Matte Black

    Our unique Ploom device in Matte Black.

  3. Ploom S Soft Champagne Device
    Ploom S Soft Champagne

    Our unique Ploom device in Soft Champagne.