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Can I buy accessories for Ploom X Advanced?

Yes. We've got an array of useful accessories that work with Ploom X Advanced. 

We created some accessories to make your Ploom experience even easier - like the Ploom X Advanced wall adaptor, the USB charging cable and the charging dock  - so Ploom X Advanced is always charged up and ready to go. 

Then there are the accessories that help you keep things clean and tidy - like the Ploom stick trays. There's a large tray that fits on your desk, and there's the Ploom X Advanced cleaning sticks which keep your Ploom X Advanced spotlessly clean and performing at its best. 

You can also customise Ploom X Advanced with our vibrantly colourful accessories like the Ploom X Advanced front panels and the refined Ploom X Advanced back cover which is available in both fabric and leather.

To find out more, have a look at our accessories store.

Are you 18 or over and a smoker or vaper?

Yes, discover more

Our sticks, for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk free and are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

For more information please visit the Terms of Use page.