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How do I use Ploom X Advanced?

If it's your first time using Ploom X Advanced and EVO tobacco sticks, we've made it easy for you. If you have just taken your device out of the box, you'll need to connect it to a power source with the USB cable provided to unlock shipping mode.The LED light will flash 10 times and you will feel a long vibration, your device is now ready to use.

Here's how to use Ploom X Advanced:

 1. Slide the cover open.

 2. Put the stick into the device, making sure to align the printed line to the top of the device.

 3. Press and hold the button area until your Ploom X Advanced vibrates. You'll be able to see your heating progress on the light strip.

 4. When your Ploom X Advanced is ready to go, the light strip will flash and you will feel two short vibrations.

 5. Enjoy your Ploom session.

 6. When you've got 20 seconds left, your Ploom X Advanced will vibrate and the light strip will pulse slowly. Once you feel one long vibration, your session is finished.

Are you 18 or over and a smoker or vaper?

Yes, discover more

Our sticks, for use in combination with Ploom devices, contain tobacco and nicotine. These products are not risk free and are intended for existing adult smokers or vapers only. Please note, we will need to confirm your age during the checkout process.

For more information please visit the Terms of Use page.